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Whaleroom is a social community-focused platform that makes it easy for hosts to craft unique and timeless token-gated experiences, events, communities, and content.

Getting Started

How it works

1. Create profile

Using a MetaMask or HathorPay self-custody wallet, connect to Whaleroom. You will be prompted to choose a username and password.

2. Download app

Once your account is created, you can log into your account on the mobile iOS and Android app. The system will make sure you can access the rooms you qualify for.

2. Join rooms

You can check what communities exist on Whaleroom by visiting the public stats page located here. Now you’re free to connect with other holders.

Blockchain-agnostic technology

Whaleroom is blockchain-agnostic and can be quickly integrated to work with any token standard

Unlike most token-gating and decentralized social platforms that lock you into using a specific blockchain or token standard, Whaleroom leaves that choice up to hosts. If you're thinking of becoming a host on Whaleroom and notice we don't support your token standard yet, it is possible to fast-track an integration. Contact our team today to learn more about to fast-tracking an integration.

Common sense user security and total anonymity

Once your holders have connected their crypto wallet(s) to Whaleroom, They can log into their account with nothing but a username and password. This allows your holders to bring Whaleroom with them everywhere they go all while leaving their crypto wallet and private keys at home out of harm's way.

Come build the future of token-gated communities, content, and experiences. Join the tier that’s right for you! Learn more below.

WHL is the native social token and community management mechanism chosen for the social infrastructure platform.

Access to all tier perks and access is powered by our proof of ownership technology. We’ll add more benefits to each tier over time.

Take a look at Whaleroom's

Powerful featues

When hosting on Whaleroom, you and your community get instant access to all the community management features offered now and forever as long as you stay subscribed to hosting.

Holder-Only Communication

Create a social space or learning portal for your token or NFT collection holders. Define entry criteria based on token count or balance value.

Pro-Anonymity & Privacy

Allow your token holders to interact with your social space in a completely private and anonymous way. No email or phone number is needed to enter rooms, just access to the right crypto wallet(s).

Holder-to-Holder Messaging

Facilitate communication between you and your holders. Inbox gives you a filtered view of in-app inbox messages coming exclusively from holders. This is a huge time-saver for community managers.

Holder-Only Governance

Whaleroom makes it easy to hold token-holder-only governance voting out-of-the-box. Hosts can even segment governance across different tiers.

Holder Profiles & Stats

Each user on Whaleroom is given a universal profile that can be used across any room. Stay on top of what matters to your holders with engagement insights from third-parties.

Host Composability API

Customize Whaleroom to deliver any tailored experience or custom gamification. Connect to external systems (physical hardware, metaverses, or anything else you can dream up)

Note: many new features to are continually added to the platform to further improve the host and holder experience. When you host on Whaleroom, you inherit all future platform updates automatically.


Stay connected with your community of token holders

Whaleroom is available to you, your team, and holders on most popular mobile devices and browsers.

  • Web app
  • Native iOS app
  • Native Android app
  • Native Desktop app (coming soon)


What is Whaleroom?

Whaleroom is a community hosting platform for tokenized community hosts. The company is pushing the limits of what’s possible with web3 technology. The goal is to provide the best web3 social layer infrastructure for the next generation of online communities. Crypto projects, NFT projects, creators, influencers, DAOs, brands or any online community can come to WhaleRoom to create a token-gated social experience for holders in minutes, not months. Whaleroom is continually improving its infrastructure to serve the needs of crypto enthusiasts by integrating social and on-chain analytics to further improve the experience for its users. The solution is currently available on web, iOS, and Android.

How does Whaleroom work?

The platform uses cryptographic proof to ensure that the users in each room are actual holders of the project’s token, coin, or NFT. This is all thanks to the company's proprietary patent-pending blockchain-agnostic "Proof of Ownership" technology. Whaleroom Hosts have the ability to effortlessly set entry criteria via a minimum of tokens (or minimum $ amount) required in order to gain access to the room in question.

What is a room?

A "room" is a social space dedicated to a specific token-based community or token-gated experience where Hosts and Holders can interact and band together around a joint interest, cause, or event. Whaleroom Hosts get to decide their own entry criteria for their community and are free to hire Whaleroom to build out additional features and functionality to fit the desire end-state experience. Anything is possible at Whaleroom!

What are the biggest Whaleroom advantages?

Deploy a Whaleroom for your tokenized community, no matter the blockchain. Enjoy advanced privacy and security via Whaleroom’s trustless authentication. Create unique gamified experiences for your qualified community members. Reduce time filtering through spam, scams, and trolls. Account for advanced community stakeholders (liquidity providers, stakers, and more). Meet your community on their devices via Whaleroom’s native web and mobile apps. Grow a vibrant and tight-knit community in a decentralized fashion.

How to host a room

Anyone can host a room on the platform within hours of contacting our team. For more established projects, fully branded enterprise white-label versions of the Whaleroom infrastructure are also available upon request. Contact us here to discuss an enterprise project.

What is the cost for your holders?

It is free for anyone to join rooms hosted by the platform as long as the user in question holds the minimum required amount of tokens - this entry criteria is always decided by the Host, not Whaleroom. Any member is also free to enhance their experience by holding decentralized p2p tier social tokens (WHL).

Who is Whaleroom for?

Whaleroom is for any existing or new token-based community. This includes crypto/NFT projects, brands, online coaches, creators (streamers, influencers, ect.), DAOs. New projects can initially deploy a room within 24hrs whereas more established projects can fully customize the experience by white-labelling the infrastructure for their own needs.


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