WhaleRoom is Changing the Crypto Conversation for Everyone

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no shortage of platforms available to discuss blockchain projects and opportunities. But so many of these communities are littered with individuals who fill up the chats with agenda-driven information, spam, and scams. New market entrants and veterans alike find it difficult to hold meaningful conversations about cryptocurrency with fellow enthusiasts.

Our goal at WhaleRoom is to curate a safe space for crypto-stakeholders to work together, learn from each other, and grow the blockchain industry.

Who is WhaleRoom For?

Clearly, as our name suggests, whales are our core target market. Because whales are the foundation of all crypto communities, we wanted to build a space for them to discuss exciting blockchain projects in a curated environment safe from bots, shills, spam, scams, and agenda-driven individuals. We are a place for whales to learn from another by sharing their experiences, mistakes they’ve made, how they identify the fundamentals that make a successful blockchain project, and gain additional insights.

But bringing whales together just scratches the surface. WhaleRoom welcomes ALL crypto enthusiasts who want to learn and discuss with like-minded individuals and connect with the best blockchain communities.

When members have a safe space to communicate with each other, the opportunities to grow are endless. We believe each member can learn from other members, while also sharing their own advice and perspective with the community.

What Makes WhaleRoom Unique?

WhaleRoom uses a unique “proof of ownership” system that requires each member to hold a certain amount of currency to enable them to join the room. We have this system so that we can protect our communities from bots, shills, and moonboys. With a minimum requirement in place, we can ensure that the conversations are only happening between genuine crypto enthusiasts, not agenda-driven individuals seeking personal gain.

It may seem that by having a minimum, WhaleRoom is trying to include only very wealthy crypto participants. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the most interesting things about whales is that they are often average people who decided to opt-in to a successful project early on. These are some of our most valuable members because they have so much to teach us about successes and failures and how to identify projects that are likely to do well. Additionally, as WhaleRoom continues to develop, we plan to add different levels of membership to grow the community even more.

We also offer a unique opportunity for crypto-enthusiasts and investors to interact directly with potential project teams. We carefully select projects to share with our members that have strong fundamentals and we believe are likely to succeed. This gives our members the opportunity to understand what they are backing on a more personal level and hopefully find projects that are in line with their own goals and beliefs.

Where We’re Headed

Our long-term vision is also to welcome new market entrants who want to discover the crypto world and offer them a better alternative than the traditional public chat room. Aside from whales who joined a successful project early on, many whales come over from the traditional finance world or a long-time career in supply chains, healthcare, and a range of other industries.

Often when these newcomers join traditional communities, they are met with criticism and cynicism from veteran “crypto experts” in public forums. These experiences quickly discourage investors and they abandon the industry before they’ve even gotten started. This is unfortunate because so many of these people have a unique perspective that can be extremely valuable and complementary to discussions. If we want to continue to grow interest in blockchain, we need a comfortable, educational environment where enthusiasts from all backgrounds can participate and share their knowledge.

Another goal of WhaleRoom is to create a place for professional researchers and analysts to gain valuable insights on the market and discuss numerical and non-numerical data with other professionals and crypto enthusiasts. We are also integrating with high-quality third-party data aggregators to enable them to gain important analytics directly within WhaleRoom. This will allow our users to easily access relevant and unbiased information crucial to developing their blockchain investments.

At the end of the day, our primary goal is to facilitate high-quality discussion for people that want to both learn and share their knowledge in a friendly, community-driven discussion space and exchange ideas and thoughts with like-minded individuals. Our vision is to connect all people who want to contribute to making the ever-evolving cryptocurrency discussion better than ever before.

We believe that WhaleRoom will help bring all crypto communities closer together to create healthier, more sustainable growth of our industry.

Join Us!

If you’re wondering whether WhaleRoom is the place for you, ask yourself:

Are you committed to learning about and growing the blockchain community?

Do you have valuable insight or information to offer fellow crypto-enthusiasts?

Do you want to be part of a community dedicated to intelligent, unbiased discussion around blockchain projects and opportunities?

If this sounds like you, consider joining one of the best crypto ecosystems around. No bots, scams, spam, moonboys, or shills allowed. It’s our guarantee.

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These links will help you get accustomed with everything going on at WhaleRoom! If you’re new here, your support means the world to us!

Social Platform: whaleroom.org

Social Platform Ecosystem Details: whaleroom.org/ecosystem

Social Platform Knowledge Base: einstein.whaleroom.org

Premium Lifetime Memberships: whaleroom.org/lifetime

WHL Social Token Details: https://whl.gitbook.io/community-guide/


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