Community Social Tokens are making Waves in the Blockchain World

Over the last decade or so, blockchain technology has seen a significant increase in popularity in communities all over the world. While one of the obvious reasons for the draw is the potential to benefit from industry adoption, it’s also notable that so many people jumped on the bandwagon because it was new, it was cool, and they wanted to be a part of something big.

Communities that support a project, brand, artist, or organization have been around in some form or another forever. As technology improves, people keep finding new ways to interact with whatever or whomever they want to support.

But until recently, there have been very limited opportunities for a group or individual to have direct contact with their followers.

One of the most exciting developments to come from blockchain technology is the creation of community tokens which are changing the way people connect with each other around shared interests.

What Are Community Tokens?

Community social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency created specifically for a crypto project, community organization, product, or individual. In most cases, supporters of a specific project get or purchase these tokens in exchange for perks or rewards. Perks can be anything from access to exclusive content, discounts, special group chats, unique opportunities, or even merchandise.

Who Can Benefit From Tokenizing Their Community?

The short answer? Anyone. Any group, project, organization, team, or individual can gain from building a community through the use of tokens. Here are just a few examples:

What Are The Advantages Of Tokenizing Your Community?

Community tokenization is an exciting new way for brands, organizations, and celebrities to engage with their community like never before. Whether your community is made up of consumers of a technology, users of a platform, or fans of a celebrity or sports team, tokens can create a game-changing experience for anyone.

By tokenizing their community, a group can:

Truthfully, the benefits of social tokens are endless.

What Makes Community Social Tokens So Attractive To Your Users?

Community is about belonging and being part of something bigger than the self. Aside from possible token-based incentives, people love to have some kind of stake in a project or process. And when they do — their brand loyalty and excitement grows.

Community tokens give your users:

Additionally, brands can create a broader reach by adding opportunities to earn tokens without having to pay for them. Users might complete simple tasks like signing up for a newsletter, completing a survey, or posting about the project. This allows people to share the benefits without financial involvement.

Why Is It So Important To Have Access To Your Community?

Communities are a vital aspect of why projects succeed or fail. Having the right platform to engage with your community is an integral part of that.

Unfortunately, the implementation process for tokens can be challenging due to the relative recency of the technology and lack of understanding about how they work and can benefit a project.

Additionally, there is a general shortage of platforms equipped to support communities of members who actually hold their tokens. Traditional public chatrooms and discord have opened doors to allow for toxic and unwelcoming environments, as well as spam, scams, and schillers of agenda-driven misinformation.

WhaleRoom Is Changing The Game For Tokenized Communities

We know how important it is to have a community to engage with where you can share reliable information with organizers, stakeholders, and interested parties on your specific project.

Unfortunately, the internet is so loaded with confusing and agenda-driven information, and it’s hard to find a reliable place to interact with fellow enthusiasts and engage in high-quality discussions.

That’s why WhaleRoom is creating the ideal platform for organizations, brands, and celebrities to interact with their community in a curated environment.

Each project can have a dedicated chat room on the platform that only their community token holders can access. In addition, our user interface and experience are built to optimize the community experience and bring the best out of tokenized communities.

In the long-term, WhaleRoom wants to encourage collaboration between brands and their supporters by creating an ideal environment to work together. So if you’re ready to elevate your user experience, let us show you the benefits of having a dedicated room on WhaleRoom.

We invite all teams to apply for inclusion in WhaleRoom, and we’re excited to hear what you have to share with us!

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