About Whaleroom

Whaleroom is a software company based out of Montreal, Canada that is focused on improving global web3 community management standards through its novel token-based social networking technology and suite of apps. The company was founded in 2021.

The company hopes to one day power thousands of token-gated communities all around the world while delivering the best possible experience to both hosts and holders.


  • There needs to be an easy way for creators to token-gate their content;
  • There needs to be an easy way for business and property owners to token-gate their assets, intellectual property, and services;
  • The world isn’t going to revolve around one single blockchain so it is important to have a multi-chain outlook when building a social platform;
  • Web2 online business models will quickly adopt web3  business models involving tokens, NFTs, and token-gating over the next decade.
  • The average web3 user cares most about 4 things: reliability, security, privacy, and ease of use. There are many ways of achieving this outcome.
  • Using decentralized technology for the sake of using it is self-defeating in many cases. There is a time and place for every novel technology.
  • A balanced use of both centralized and decentralized technologies leads to better outcomes in a modern and free society.

Founding Team / Dev Team

The team is fully decentralized with a corporate headquarters in Quebec, Canada. At any given time, the company has 3-11 senior software developers working on Whaleroom and the underlying SENTR3 technology stack. The operational and marketing team is spread across North American and the EU. As the company onboards more hosts, the company will be able to increasingly sustain adding fresh hand-picked technical talent to make the platform reach its full potential while keeping an innovative edge in the industry.

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Founding Team

Paul Adrien Lamoureux

Paul Adrien Lamoureux


Previously worked at AlphaSights, studied at HEC Paris.

Christopher Defour

Christopher Defour


Also co-founder at and

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