Content Monetization Strategy Using Tokens & NFTs

Content monetization is the lifeblood of any scaling content-focus enterprise or venture. Your content strategy model is thus super important to get right. So what are the jedi hacks you need to know in 2022 to know how to monetize content more effectively? These cutting-edge content monetization strategies involve tokens and NFTs. 

NFT & Token Content Monetization Models

Model 1

Monetize your content by selling it in exchange for a token. Have that token be the access card into your premium content. This allows you to pay 0$ in processing fees while easily controlling access to your content at any scale. This model works great for an online coach or online learning offer. 

Model 2

Monetize your content by charging for it via an NFT and code a royalty structure into each secondary sale that flows back to you (example 5% commission on each secondary sale). This model is great for low ticket offers and generating passive income off of secondary sales of your work. This model works great for a solo artist or musician selling their artworks. 

How to Monetize Video Content with NFTs

 The steps to monetizing any video content with NFTs have become a lot easier in recent times. Blockchains like Hathor NetworkSolana, and Avalanche Network make the barrier to entry very low and inclusive. Easy-to-follow guides exist to create a mintable NFT for your product or service. It won’t be long until these technologies are directly integrated into your favorite CMS tools and E-commerce platforms like WordPress and Shopify. The root meaning or essence of content monetization is your ability to keep the business sustainable so you can keep delivering excellence to your customers, your tribe. 

Content Monetization Strategy Using Whaleroom and Hathor NFTs or Tokens

 If you’re ever interested in giving a token monetization strategy a shot, our team at Whaleroom is here to help! We work with our hosts day in and day out to deliver the perfect token-gated experience to their customers, fans, and communities. Our proprietary platform makes it easy for you to create a community space/portal for your token holders. As a host, you get to decide how many and which token/NFT is required to gain entry to your social space, learning area, or customer portal. If you want a fully managed service, Whaleroom also offers a turnkey onboarding service to ensure that your token strategy implementation is done the right way. We only win if you win. If this interests you, click here to learn more about Whaleroom’s annual hosting options.

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