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FAQ - Teams & Creators

Don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected] if you have a question that hasn't yet been answered.

How do I create a Room?

You can create a room in a few clicks by filling up this form. Watch this explanatory video to follow the step by step process. You can also white-label the entire Whaleroom infrastructure for your exact custom needs.

Do I need to have minted the token in order to create the room?

Yes you need to be the token creator in order to host a room on WhaleRoom. WhaleRoom’s team will verify that you are the token creator by conducting robust due diligence.

What are room minimums?

Room creators can decide on a minimum of tokens required that their community members must hold in order to access their room. This minimum can be based on a token count or $ value. Room creators also have the possibility of creating several rooms with different minimum tiers.

How are users' balances verified?

Users' balances are automatically checked constantly and anonymously by our system in order to ensure that only users that meet the threshold set by the room creator gain access. We use numerous APIs to check each members' wallet balances at the time of entry into the platform, a room, or special feature. We call our technology "Proof of Ownership" and use it to cryptographically verify that each user unlocks the enhanced experience and rooms they qualify to be in.

What Blockchain does WhaleRoom support?

WhaleRoom currently supports ERC-20 tokens. In Q1 2022 WhaleRoom will support ERC-721 (NFT), BEP-20. BEP-721, Hathor, and Deso token. You can request to have a specific blockchain integrated by filling up this form.

How many users can be in one room?

There is no limit on the number of users in a room.

What are the fees for hosting a room on WhaleRoom?

$500/year or $1000 for 4 years. This can be paid in fiat or crypto.

Experience a 20% discount if you pay in WHL social tokens.

What are white-label solutions?

White label solutions are designed for clients that want to seamlessly integrate WhaleRoom technology into their brand to create their own custom branded spaces and gamified experiences for their holders.

To request a white label partnership please contact sales.

What is a room URL?

A room URL is a unique URL that is associated to a specific room and domain.

Is WhaleRoom infrastructure secure?

Yes, security is one of our top priorities. The platform was built from scratch using a robust enterprise infrastructure to ensure privacy and security of platform users. All the user generated content is hosted on WhaleRoom’s private infrastructure. The Whaleroom team has a wide range of experience in building enterprise-grade software ecosystems.

How do you ensure that WhaleRoom is compliant with global regulations?

Compliance is one of our top priorities. All of WhaleRoom policies and system architectures are reviewed by expert blockchain lawyers, internet compliance experts, and seasoned corporate accountants to ensure that our company is navigating its corporate activities in a compliant manner. We support regulation within the industry to protect as many industry participants as possible.

New to WhaleRoom?

FAQ - Platform Users

Don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected] if you have a question that hasn't yet been answered.

How do I connect to WhaleRoom?

Currently you can connect your wallet via Metamask. In Q1 2022 you will be able to connect multiple wallets and exchanges to WhaleRoom.

Is WhaleRoom free to join?

Yes it's free for users to join WhaleRoom. To access token-gated room users need to meet the minimum amount of token set according to the room creator preference.

Where can I learn more about WHL social token enhanced tiers?

You can learn about WHL P2P social token tiers here.

A project I like does not have a room on WhaleRoom, how can I get it listed?

Let us know what project you’d like to see listed via the official Whaleroom community and/or you can send this form to the project team.