The Secret Weapon to Getting the Most From the Crypto World

Cryptocurrency discussion has blown up over the last decade. Navigating the crypto world can feel like entering a minefield with all the agendas, misinformation, and scams out there. Data is only useful if you can make sense out of it. But that’s near impossible when the information available is a vast and varied pile of muck.

The secret to getting the most from your time and money is to find a community that can help you make sense of the data and make the smartest decisions.

The Dangers of Crypto Information Overload

Here are some of the possible pitfalls crypto enthusiasts can fall into when there’s too much going on:

So many opportunities out there are designed for a specific group of people to make personal gains. How are you supposed to know if something is a good project, or just good marketing?

Scammers have gotten increasingly clever as time goes on. It’s particularly easy for new market entrants to fall into traps and potentially end up losing a lot of money.

Time is valuable. Who wants to spend hours and hours sifting through details they barely understand? We know you have much more important things to spend your time on.

As a new investor, you might spend so much time digging in, you miss the boat on a great investment. Or maybe you become so overwhelmed with options, you decide it’s not worth it and walk away from crypto altogether!

What Can You Gain From the Right Community?

In addition to protection from scams and information overload, users who work with a specific community have a lot to gain from the other members of their group.

Most discussion on crypto social marketing sites is nearly impossible to make sense of if you’re new to the blockchain world. But new investors should not immediately be cast out because they’re coming in a bit later. This is where communities come in — by finding a valuable community, you learn and start to understand how to invest your time and money, without becoming overwhelmed.

Another reason blockchain investors need to have a community is to gain perspective to understand a specific data element within the big picture. It’s easy to study data up close while missing the impact on a larger scale. Discussing data with a solid community can offer new and valuable insight to understand data from all angles.

Communities can help you find opportunities to participate in something useful and meaningful to you. It can be difficult to decipher options that have good marketing, versus something that has actual innovation with the potential to improve the world. A good team can help point out weaknesses in projects or those that just have fancy names without a real plan behind them.

Finding the RIGHT Community

Now you know why finding a community and the right platform to discuss data is key to getting the most out of it. So how can you tell if a community is going to be worth it?

When deciding how and with whom to interact, consider the following:

Is it a private website trying to get you to invest in their specific projects? Is it a paid influencer? Who ultimately benefits from the information? Is it you? Unfortunately, there are so many people who shill information just to get paid or improve their own investment without caring about the validity of the project.

Third-party platforms are more likely to provide unbiased information and genuinely offer valuable advice. Look for people and platforms that are interested in growing blockchain in general, educating other users, and investing in projects that actually benefit the world.

Are you communicating on a free and open platform? How are comments and posts moderated? Can just “anyone” participate? Open platforms are hotbeds for scammers and misinformation. Not to mention the spam and bots that contribute to confusion and information overload.

Websites that provide extra security and require users to pass through some

form of entry are better able to protect you from the garbage bots, spammers, shills, moon boys, and agenda-driven actors that dump on traditional blockchain pages.

We know your time is valuable. Are you spending time sorting through confusing websites and chat rooms? Research is important, but how do you know if you’re spending your time effectively, or just looking through pages of data for the sake of it?

There is SO MUCH data available. Open and unfiltered sites are a landfill of agendas and spam, it’s easy to find yourself wading down a path to a scam or someone’s latest promotion.

It’s Time to Try Something New

This is why we’ve built WhaleRoom — to give you that reputable community you’ve been searching for so you can STOP wasting time trying to find your people.

Here’s why WhaleRoom is different:

We have implemented a novel barrier to entry called “proof of ownership” to filter out the garbage, spam, scams, and agendas. These actors make constructive discussion difficult and can lead to confusion and bad investments.

Our gated entry ensures community integrity and makes WhaleRoom the best platform to discuss and debate data with like-minded crypto enthusiasts.

Experienced whales can help new market entrants navigate the world of crypto projects. It takes time to understand how to identify the weaknesses of a project, and what makes a successful cryptocurrency tick. Whales who have been in the game a long time can help others get ahead by sharing tips and tricks they’ve already figured out on their own.

Save yourself time and learn from true crypto enthusiasts who have been through it and truly want to see the blockchain community continue to grow by sharing their expertise with newcomers.

Because our communities have been screened to offer only high integrity discussion, you can trust the platform and the users to filter and flow the right things to you when you need them. Stop wasting your time sifting through piles of irrelevant information, and focus on the things you’re actually interested in.

We’ve also made your life easier by setting up access to third-party insights directly within the WhaleRoom app. This way you’ll gain important, unbiased analytics from integrated high-quality third-party data aggregators.

There is no shortage of conversation about cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. The internet is loaded with numerical and non-numerical data ranging from on-chain analytics to sentiment analysis from social media. But with so much data available, it can be overwhelming and challenging to make sense of it all. This is why you need a good community to discuss and make the most of all that data.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and join the best communities to help you make sense of all the data and discuss exciting blockchain projects, it’s time to sign up for WhaleRoom.

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