How Does a Tipping Point Make a Project Go Viral?

As social media has blown up over the last 20 years, it seems like the goal of everyone — artists, corporations, the average person — is to “go viral.” A viral video can make a musician into a celebrity or an inventor into a millionaire within days. Before anything can become viral, that idea, conversation, or campaign has to reach a tipping point.

A tipping point generally refers to the moment when something reaches critical mass and explodes in epic proportions.

Sometimes it can seem a bit obscure as to who gets to go viral, but generally speaking, there are a few elements that are fairly consistent to reach that desirable tipping point.

What Determines The Tipping Point?

Back in 2000, Malcolm Gladwell, author of , identified three variables that determine whether and when an idea will reach a tipping point and become a phenomenon:

  • — word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of communicating. The Law of the Few regards the people who initiate the spread of information.
  •  — this refers to what makes people interested enough to retain, share, and revisit an idea or project
  •  — humans are incredibly sensitive to their environment and may be more likely to listen or do something depending on factors that determine how they are receiving the information

Additionally, Gladwell discusses three types of people critical to the success of a viral campaign:

  •  — a great networking person who is connected to many different people and groups and has a gift of bringing people together
  •  — a person we are inclined to listen to because they are an expert in whatever the subject is
  •  — an enthusiastic person that is capable of selling or convincing us of anything

Gladwell suggested these theories two decades ago, way before social media was as prevalent in our world as it is today. As we learn more about tipping points and going viral, some of these points have been modified and expanded upon, but the basic elements often still apply.

What Is A Tipping Point In Social Media Today?

In terms of social media today, all conversations that really pick up speed and interest among an online community need to reach a critical mass of users. Every social network has a tipping point, but the size and speed may vary with each network or specific project.

On some of the biggest networks, like Twitter and Instagram, as the tipping point is reached, content will start to be shared even without promotion from the original poster. A post about a topic that everybody’s following will lead to more posts on that same topic from different accounts because there are now enough people following and posting in that conversation to keep it going.

With other networks, like WordPress and Tumblr, the tipping point is more closely tied to the number of users who have either created or shared a certain blog post. It’s also a little more variable because each type of network has different sharing practices from one another.

Social Media and the ease of sharing ideas with your network has been the source of major success for many people who would otherwise not be able to get their message, talent, or idea out to the world.

The Rise of Smaller Social Platforms

It is still critical for project creators to have a space to showcase their work. Suddenly, smaller, private groups have new opportunities to create solutions for sharing information in a much more efficient way. Even if these groups start on a smaller scale, a project can still have the opportunity to go viral if the audience and environment are specifically curated to meet the interests of the creator.

This is why WhaleRoom is an ideal space for teams to present their ideas and projects to interested parties.

What Is The Tipping Point For a WhaleRoom Project?

WhaleRoom is different from traditional social platforms because each room has a different barrier for entry and so each community has its own size and characteristics. WhaleRoom doesn’t have one single measure of when an idea will reach a tipping point — each room will have to create its own tipping point to get the conversation going on a specific topic.

Additionally, the projects listed on WhaleRoom can have a different number of holders at a given time. Some of the projects listed on WhaleRoom have over 30,000 holders while others may have just a few thousand. The more holders, the more potential users, the quicker the critical mass of users can be reached in that specific room.

Projects that start with only a few thousand holders might have more of a challenge reaching the tipping point. On the other hand, we expect the users in these groups to be more active because the early adopters of a project are often the most engaged. There are also constantly opportunities to gain new followers and build the conversation further as that blockchain technology adoption grows.

How Can WhaleRoom Help You Reach Your Tipping Point?

In order to get a project to the tipping point as soon as possible, we work with the founding team of the listed projects. We review each project carefully before including it in WhaleRoom and we know there are several teams behind promising and respected projects eager to have their community join us. When these teams share their project and excitement about their room on their own official social channel, they can help accelerate the user count toward the critical mass.

We also have a percentage of users that take advantage of one of our premium plans, giving them access to all the rooms. While each room has a barrier and individual requirements, qualifying premium members are able to join any room they are interested in. Additionally, at WhaleRoom, we pride ourselves on being blockchain agnostic, so we like to encourage our users to find several projects they are interested in that are listed across the platform.

WhaleRoom is constantly looking for new projects and new members to grow our community. The key to success on a platform like WhaleRoom is the engagement and enthusiasm of its members. It’s important to us that our users and project managers are willing and interested in driving the conversations for their project.

If you’re ready to join us, we’re excited to work together to create momentum and make the ever-evolving cryptocurrency discussion better than ever before.

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