Introducing SENTR3

Introducing SENTR3, the enterprise division at our company.

By leveraging Web3 technologies, enterprises can offer new experiences to their communities. SENTR3 is here to help enterprises leverage these opportunities.

  • Craft experiences for loyal holders, ignite your community engagement and boost retention.
  • Gate access to your most valuable resources, content, and experiences with tokens and NFTs.
  • Protect the integrity of your project and brand.

SENTR3’s patent-pending token-gating infrastructure is the only blockchain-agnostic solution ready to serve large enterprises out of the box.

SENTR3 is integrated with leading blockchain software and hardware wallets in order to provide world-class enterprise-grade security to customers and end-users.

Create any token-gated experience imaginable for your valued community of community stakeholders.

Our specialty is to provide white-label enterprise services and integration to organizations that want to deliver a tailored experience and customer gamification to their communities.

Built from the ground up with industry-leading security at the core of every feature, SENTR3 lets you easily token gate social spaces (chatrooms, lounges, and much more.) and make the most of your tokenized community. To provide an optimal environment SENTR3 has web3 features built in such as wallet login, in-app anti-spam measures, social analytics, and much more!

SENTR3 provides an array of services including Token/NFT gating, NFT ticketing, and NFT memberships. 

It is important to note that WHL social tokens will be used to govern access to enterprise support rooms on SENTR3. Each new enterprise SENTR3 customer will trigger the purchase and permanent staking of WHL social tokens. To learn more about the WHL token, please visit

What to expect in the coming weeks when it comes to SENTR3 (live now) (launching in Q2)
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