Philosophy @ Whaleroom

Companies across all industries love to throw around the word “exclusive”. People are attracted to exclusivity because it makes them feel like they’re a part of something special. At the same time, it can also create a negative connotation of being overly selective and leaving people out.

At WhaleRoom, we pride ourselves on being an evolving piece of social infrastructure that allows crypto token, coin, or NFT creators to create exclusive token-based social spaces for their communities. Yet, we also aim to make the broader platform community as inclusive as possible. So how can these two opposite concepts both be part of WhaleRoom’s ethos?

There’s a reason we describe ourselves as a new social utility for crypto holders of various communities to connect, learn, and grow. We cannot hope to achieve our goals by being a closed-off clique. But at the same time, we WANT our members to feel like they’re a part of something unique. It almost feels paradoxical.

But at WhaleRoom, we’ve created a unique social platform unlike any other where both exclusivity and inclusivity align.

So what does that actually mean? Let’s take a look.


Importance of Inclusivity

Platform & Ecosystem Users:

Anyone can join WhaleRoom, as long as they meet the minimum amount of token required to access a project-specific room. By setting this boundary, it might seem like our platform is only accessible to the extremely wealthy. But in cryptocurrency, whales are often regular people who committed to a project early on and now own a significant amount of that project. Newcomers to the room can gain valuable insight on both that project and future plans from others who have been in the weeds for much longer.

Additionally, as we grow, we’ll be able to bring in even more people by adding different tier minimums to several of our rooms. The aim of having projects with different access requirements is to ensure that as many people as possible, who are committed to these projects, can join WhaleRoom and take part in the discussions. With different tiers and different requirements, we can further help our members find like-minded individuals to collaborate with. Our goal is to have as many crypto enthusiasts as possible on the platform while maintaining community integrity and making our members feel welcome and respected.


Crypto Coin/Token/NFT Creators:

We invite ANY team to submit their projects for possible inclusion in WhaleRoom. While we do select specific projects to include on our own, we’re also constantly reviewing projects to add more and more to the platform. We try to make it as easy as possible to submit an application because our primary goal is to grow the blockchain community.

At WhaleRoom, we know how important it is for a team to communicate with their community and how difficult that can be on traditional platforms, which is why we want to give all the projects a chance to list themselves via a self-serve process. Though anyone will be able to create a room for their token, not all rooms will appear in the platform by default. Room creators will be able to invite their community to join their room via a special link. Eventually, we will even allow room owners to brand their rooms and host them on their domain name. For more serious brands and communities, we will offer white label opportunities for a fully branded app experience.

Because we’re committed to maintaining high-quality information, projects that do make the default list of social rooms are carefully reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our specifications. 

In order for a project to be listed on WhaleRoom, we need to make sure that a team has strong fundamentals and is committed to the project as well as participating and moderating relevant conversations on WhaleRoom.

While we want everyone to have an opportunity to join us, this selection process is essential for 2 reasons:

1) To ensure that we list projects that share similar values to our engaged communities.
2) To give our members opportunities to discover promising and exciting projects that fit their ethos and contribute to growing involvement.

Redefining Exclusivity

In today’s world, many companies believe they must be the most selective to be the most attractive. Top universities such as Harvard and Stanford and certain companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Google have a reputation of being the “best” because they have the lowest acceptance rate. 

But it’s interesting to consider that much of the reputation attributed to these groups doesn’t come from their fundamentals, education, or accomplishments, but from how they keep the most people out. People are attracted to an organization because they want to sit at the cool kids’ table, but that doesn’t always equate to the best business model.

At WhaleRoom, we have a different opinion of what exclusivity means. As far as our Proof of Ownership mechanism, the simple reason we have our entry requirements in place is to ensure our participants get to experience the highest quality of conversation and collaboration by being among only verified project stakeholders.

It’s so important to us to protect our members from shills, moon-boys, bots, spam, and agenda-driven individuals that distract from valuable conversations. By implementing our “proof of ownership” technology, we can ensure the only people in the club are people who are genuinely interested in the projects in each room. 

But anyone who meets the minimum token requirements is welcome to join us. Furthermore, by keeping the garbage out, we’re in a much better position to make sure all of our members feel like a valued piece of the community.

Ultimately our goal is to connect people rather than excluding them. WhaleRoom is a place where all crypto enthusiasts from all popular blockchains can come together to learn, connect, and grow within their favorite communities to continue to make the ever-evolving cryptocurrency discussion better than ever before.

If you want to be part of an exciting new platform that brings people together to discuss everything new and important in token-based communities, WhaleRoom is the place you need to be.

We keep integrity high and garbage out while offering token-based communities on any blockchains the opportunity to learn and grow with fellow enthusiasts.