Token-Gated Community Access & Content for Entrepreneurs

What is token-gated access?

Token-gated access simply means that users need to prove ownership of a specific blockchain-based token to gain access to an exclusive experience or piece of content. Token-based access can be applied to any entry/exit point within any business or community management process to lower costs and increase community integrity at scale.

What is a token-gated community?

Token-based communities come together around shared interests or shared desired experiences. A token-gated community is self-organizing and held together by tokens (ie the glue). Online sentiment in the blockchain world is that tokenized communities will become more and more of a normal phenomenon as the world of blockchain gains mainstream global adoption with no end in sight.

What tools make it easy to token-gate access “out of the box”?

As far as we know, Whaleroom provides the only plug-and-play token-gating cross-chain infrastructure. Other platforms like Telegram and Discord serve the needs of public-facing communities, but lack many crucial components when it comes to addressing the needs to tokenized communities, experiences, and businesses.

What type of content or experiences can be token-gated?

Literally anything that can be token-gated will be token-gated with time. Just as many believe anything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized, we believe that online communities will naturally shift towards blockchain token-based entry management systems in the long-term. For that reason, one should anticipate a proliferation of new interesting tokenized communities or experiences that include but are not limited to:

  • Creator communities
  • Crypto project communities
  • Artistic communities and projects
  • Exclusive business communities
  • Premium online coaching
  • Premium online education
  • Research and development teams
  • Attendee communities
  • Post-event communities
  • E-commerce brand communities
  • Focus groups and private meetups.
  • … and the list goes on!

Can a community be token-gated around an NFT?

Yes, absolutely. NFTs are great future-proof alternatives to traditional ticketing and coupon systems. Token-gating has the potential to drastically change the way many businesses interact and interface with their customers and individuals in their broader community. At Whaleroom, we are proud to support tokenized community creation for any token/NFT community or project.

How to get started with your token-gated project

The team at Whaleroom specializes in crafting unique token-gated experiences for hosts who choose to leverage its infrastructure. This saves Whaleroom hosts months in speed to market as well as drastically reduces the cost of implementing a token-based community to as low as $500/year for up to 10,000 community members. This is a great low-risk entry point for any project who is serious about growing a token-based community in the long-term.

Feel free to reach out to the Whaleroom team anytime for a custom project quote.

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