We’re Fixing the Biggest Problem With Crypto Communities

The truth is — everyone on social media wants to share their agenda-driven opinions with anyone who will listen. It’s confusing and can get old quickly. Even worse? This information overload is often incorrect or misleading.

Social platforms for crypto are no different. But when it comes to token and NFT opportunities, misinformation can not only be annoying — it can also be costly.

Shills, moon boys, and regular old trolls are professionals at driving up/down the cost of certain tokens for their own selfish gain. They currently have a field day taking advantage of token/NFT holders, particularly those new to the game.

Want to know the absolute best place to get preyed on by scammers? A free group of crypto hobbyists or on free social media platforms (typically found on Telegram and Discord).

Google it for yourself too see the latest scandal.

Get. Out. Of. There. (Your digital wallet will thank us).

Sorting out the good information from the garbage can be frustrating and time-consuming. Not to mention, it can cost you a boatload of money.

But not taking time to do proper research can cause new, high-level market entrants to fall for pump-and-dumps, hype-driven opportunities, and other crypto scams.

So what if there was a web3-native platform that was so locked down that it could protect you from the majority of misinformation threats and help you navigate the world of high-level cryptocurrencies and web3?

Where you know everyone is legit because they have skin in the game and are vetted to make sure they aren’t bot accounts.

Imagine a social infrastructure free from the majority of scams, misinformation, and selfish, agenda-driven advice you would find on traditional platforms. A place where you can host your token/NFT holders in a walled-off environment free from the chaos found within public communities. A place where your holders can be among other like-minded holders and crypto whales committed to the same projects/experiences/communities as you. At the same level.

It’s not a dream. It’s called “WhaleRoom,” and we built it from scratch. So token/NFT creators and projects now have an easy way to spin up a token-gated space for their holders so they can keep up with the community in a safe environment — all while meeting others interested in the same projects as you.

How can you create an objective community free from subjective, agenda-driven commentary?

By creating a barrier designed to keep the garbage OUT and only allow verified stakeholders IN. With everyone on a level playing field, what do you get?

Genuine, agenda-free culture.

How Does WhaleRoom Work?

You start by connecting your crypto wallet via MetaMask or HathorPay for access to crypto project-specific or community-specific rooms to interact with other holders like you. Each room has a set minimum each member must hold in their wallet to be able to partake in that conversation and this minimum entry criteria is defined by the project lead, not by Whaleroom.

By setting a minimum, participation is limited to those who are actually invested in the discussion, not just there to stir up confusion. This is possible thanks to Whaleroom’s patent-pending proof of ownership technology.

WhaleRoom members can also opt into higher-level memberships for more access and to gain Jedi powers within the system via peer-to-peer social token plans thanks for the native Whaleroom community token, WHL.

Learn more: WhaleRoom.org

What Can WhaleRoom Offer Me?

  • A safe and friendly place to engage with other crypto holders on a wide variety of projects/communities relating to cryptocurrencies and disruptive blockchain technologies that you care about.
  • Clean, unbiased posts feeds from actual holders of the projects
  • A reassurance that you’re only among people with skin in the game.
  • Better community engagement with the holder segment of your community
  • An easy way to have a direct and secure path of communication with verified holders of your project.
  • A plug-and-play solution for token-gating any piece of content, experience, or event in under a few minutes.

It’s time for the token/NFT creators and projects of both the crypto world and normal world to have as easy solution for crafting unique experiences for their loyal holders.

Whaleroom is now available to any NFT/token creator or project and the suite of apps are available on web, iOS, and Android. Room hosting starts at $500/year and this fee is there to cover platform hosting costs, consistent improvements to the platform, and to validate your commitment to your community when launching a room.

I know, you still have questions! We have answers. Click here to schedule a Demo with our CEO to see if Whaleroom is right for your community or project!

Important Links

These links will help you get accustomed with everything going on at WhaleRoom! If you’re new here, your support means the world to us!

Social Platform: whaleroom.org

Social Platform Ecosystem Details: whaleroom.org/ecosystem

WHL Social Token Details: https://whl.gitbook.io/community-guide/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/whlroom

Telegram: https://t.me/WhaleRooms

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/whaleroom

Facebook: https://facebook.com/whlroom

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